Recycle. Today everything seems feasible of being recycled. Each system segregates its own waste, but lately even rubbish is utilitarian.
But, What happens with the wasted-human (imposible encontrar una traducción que haga el juego de palabras con des-hechos) beings as denigrated people?
What emotional, social, cultural contexts encourage or force nomadism, promiscuity, precariousness, illegality and marginality?
This series is a cut, a fragment of reality which invites reflection, a look over a simultaneous reality, shuttered daily, denied, a reality which we may be building “runnin in self-defence”.
This work is made up by two series: one with black and white photos, painted, written, pointed out, imitating the purpose of someone who picks up something that has been thown away by someone else and “redoes” it, pinting it to make it beautiful, to recycle it and hide or pretend it is not rubbish.